Boundaries, Improvements, and Peace of Mind

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Building is a high-cost investment that has the potential for a great return. However, along with the risks associated with such an investment, issues with the boundary of a property or it’s zoning or deed restrictions are known to cause headaches. Property disputes and unauthorized improvements are an expense that no one wants to bear.

When facing unauthorized improvements and boundary disputes, you require a surveyor’s assistance. The best time to seek this assistance is before you build as to resolve and prevent any issues curtailing the building itself and its profit at completion.


Boundary surveying confirms boundaries of your piece beforehand. Though existing features on your land may convey a boundary (for example, fences or a line of trees), the actual boundary can be quite different. If land is developed based on an assumed boundary, town or city officials will require you to remove the feature at fault or apply for a variance to clear up the issue.


A survey also shows where improvements are appropriate. Whether you are adding a fence or a driveway, the responsibility of these improvements will fall on the developer to be in line with town or city code. Should your improvement be at fault with existing codes, it will be labeled “unauthorized” and complicate your ability to transfer the property in the future.

Surveys are a preventive measure to property law disputes. Hiring a reputable surveyor helps your projects conform to code and prevent future disputes from becoming serious. As with any big investment, hiring a surveyor can be a low cost for peace of mind.