Above, an old land-use planning map for the City of Los Angeles.

Land Use Planning is, as best paraphrased by Young, A. (2003), “the systematic assessment of land and water potential, alternatives for land use, and economic and social conditions in order to select and adopt the best land-use options.” It is an essential component of any large scale project.

At the heart of such planning is a priority for conflict resolution and efficient land use. Such considerations are invaluable, as they often save all parties involved in a project from the headache of legal disputes and planning oversights.

Good land use planning will also identify potential for other development opportunities, some of which may not have been considered or thought possible. For example, a parcel subdivided for building three houses may be rearranged by an experienced engineer to fit in a fourth.

Commercial Development

Where Land Use Planning is perhaps most needed is in the broad field of commercial development. All commercial development is subject to very specific zoning regulations and must be proven to be responsibly developed. This includes the proper design of stormwater system management, above and below ground utilities, and efficient building and parking layout.

Our engineers have extensive experience with these regulations. They know what it will take to meet regulations, and do so within a specific time frame.