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Our staff works as a team to be an ally to our customers. Our goal is to help you get your projects moving forward quickly. Working with town planners, zoning and attorneys can be an extensive proposition. We have the knowledge, experience and ability to work in conjunction with each party benefits our customers to gain the approvals necessary to get the job done.

Adam Hoffman, P.L.S.

Principal/Director of Surveying

Email: ahoffman@ghhllc.com
Office: 203-239-4217 ext. 120
Direct: 203-285-3589

Mr. Hoffman began his surveying career back in 1978 when he worked for his uncle, Bernard Godfrey. After graduating from Paul Smith’s College, he worked his way from rod-man to transit-man and eventually party-chief.

Marcus G. Puttock, P.E. & P.L.S.

Director of Engineering

Email: mputtock@ghhllc.com
Office: 203-654-7177 ext. 101
Direct: 203-285-3663

Marcus began working at Godfrey-Hoffman & Hodge in February of 2015 and moved into the role of Director of Engineering in 2022. His responsibilities include overseeing engineering design, site planning, project management and preparation of submittals to various agencies on behalf of his clients

Calvin Weingart, P.L.S.


Email: cweingart@ghhllc.com
Office: 203-239-4217 ext. 114
Direct: 203-285-3659

Calvin began working at GHA in 1998 as a Rodman. Since then he has worked in all areas of surveying including record research, field data collection, CAD drafting and map preparation, construction stakeout and office calculations.

Maria Latella

Office Manager

Email: mlatella@ghhllc.com
Office: 203-239-4217 ext. 110
Direct: 203-654-7074

Maria is responsible for assisting our office staff with many diverse duties. She has strong people skills and offers friendly guidance to our perspective clients. Maria is also responsible for assisting the surveyors by providing them with some preliminary research on all incoming commercial and residential surveys.

Kevin Gallagher

Surveying/Office Manager

Email: kgallagher@hodgellc.com
Office: 860-673-0444 ext. 129
Direct: 203-654-7165

Kevin began his surveying career in 1984 with a small firm in Simsbury, CT. During the early 90’s he was employed by the Sokkia Corporation, a surveying equipment manufacturer, as a sales and training manager.

Conrad Brejwo

Engineering Project Manager

Email: cbrejwo@ghhllc.com
Office: 203-239-4217 ext. 112
Direct: 203-285-3663

Godfrey Hoffman Hodge, LLC is pleased to welcome back Engineering Project Manager Conrad Brejwo to our North Haven office. With an experienced background in civil design and inspection, Conrad has developed his knowledge and skills both in the private and municipal sectors, specializing in commercial and residential site development.


Mans Best Friend

Buddy has been with GHA since 2004. He holds a Masters degree in Philosophy and he minored in Fung Shui. Buddy brings with him many years of experience along with a plethora of life lessons and amazing Karma. Prior to working at GHA, he had not found his true purpose in life. Now that he has a permanent position at GHA he has adjusted his once hectic schedule to working on an “as needed basis”.

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