One of the more unknown aspects of land surveying that goes in to practically every job is the research component. Usually conducted in the town halls for each parcel involved in a survey, significant in-house research is also done if we hold any relevant surveyor records for that parcel. If we have worked around the area of that parcel, it is often possible to greatly reduce the price as the computations involved piecing adjacent land together is already done.

Often, depending on the last time a particular parcel was surveyed, surveyors have to trace maps and land records back over a hundred years to ensure the accuracy of their professional opinion. Furthermore, such research projects can create daunting puzzles, as names are mispelled and changed from one deed to another, the tax assessor’s map may not match the dimensions of a parcel of land called out in the deed, or a particular deed restriction is omitted in error from the most recent deed (and these are but a few of the things that can go wrong!) Yet despite these challenges, we approach each problem with proven methods that quickly and efficiently produce a solution.

Years of combing through the heaps of dusty maps and land records have made us experts in matters of research. For property related research needs, please consider our services.