Emphasizing the Importance of Land Surveying

 Importance of Land SurveyingThe importance of land surveying can never be overly emphasized; it is a necessary step to be taken in every home renovation or project.  Having your land properly surveyed helps establish property boundaries, an important thing all homeowners should be aware of.

Not only can mistakes involving encroachments and easements slow down your project’s completion time and cause legal problems, they can also cost thousands in additional construction requirements. 

In The News

The New York Post recently published an article highlighting these very problems.  Eric and Margaret Friedberg, a couple building a home in the Hamptons, had to halt construction because it was discovered that their house was built too far from the curb, leaving too little room for a backyard and pool.

According to the article, the mistake not only required that the house be torn down and rebuilt from scratch, but it also cost the couple over $100,000 and at least six extra weeks of construction.

“The framing for the first floor was completed, and they had started the framing for the second floor and — oops — they found out about the mistake and had to take it all down,’’ an on-site worker explained.

This error could have easily been avoided had the land been properly surveyed from the start.

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Land Surveying and Your Home Projects

While you may not be building a luxury home in the Hamptons, land surveying mishaps can still be costly and time consuming.  Whether you are building a new home or adding landscaping to your yard, it is important to plan out exactly where you will be doing construction.

This is especially important in cases like installing fencing or a pool.  If your project goes past your own property lines and into your neighbor’s yard, you may face both legal and construction issues.  These usually result in having to tear down and completely rebuild your project, which is far costlier than surveying the property and building just once.


The lesson here is simple, if not clichéd: measure twice, cut once. Hire a reputable land surveying company to confirm your property lines before starting any home construction or additions. This first step will help save time, money, neighborly disputes, and legal headaches.

Key Takeaways:

  • Neglecting to establish property lines can be expensive, time consuming, and cause legal problems
  • A land surveying mishap cost one couple over $100,000 and six weeks of extra construction
  • Hire a reputable land surveying company to confirm property lines before beginning any project

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