The Importance of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development in CT

Sustainable development in CT can save you money in construction costs and will help reduce maintenance costs in the future. Land management and development practices that follow Low Impact Development guidelines will create an environment that meets water quality standards and protects the sediment control and erosion that makes the property environmentally sensitive. The use of land surveys and civil engineering helps property owners design and plan their land improvement projects.

Land Surveying in Connecticut

A land survey does more than resolve property line disputes. When a Connecticut landowner seeks approval from their local building officials or planning board to make major changes on their property, a boundary survey is usually required. If money is being borrowed to pay for the land improvement, the survey will be required by the lender to approve the loan.

The services of land surveying CT businesses will show the boundaries of the property in addition to the easements or encroachments that could limit the use of the property because of local or state regulations. Work in the field is only part of the process. The history of the property is also researched to be sure that changes to the boundaries have not been changed because of previous land transfers.

When Do You Need Civil Engineering in Connecticut?

If you are going to improve your property or make changes to a man-made or natural environment, a civil engineering service can help you. From every stage of the process, the civil engineer will help plan and design, assess and construct the project. The civil engineer will survey to identify the property lines, give flood insurance ratings and can oversee your projects.

The services that the civil engineer in Connecticut provides include providing the documentation that you will require to:

  • Meet local building codes
  • Decide property disputes
  • Resolve tax issues
  • Construct to buildings

Key Takeaways:

  • Civil engineers and land surveys help property owners with sustainable development of their land in a way that is sensitive to the environment.
  • A professional land survey includes searching public and historic land record, court documents, discussions with adjoining property owner and other research that support the determination of the marked property lines.
  • The services of a civil engineer will help you compile the information that you need for real estate transactions, insurance purposes and to make sure that your project complies with your municipal codes.

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