Land Surveying in Road Design

Roadway Design

Land surveying
 is the science of determining the positions of points on the landscape and the distances between them. Land surveying plays a vital part in the beginning of a construction project, especially the construction of new roadways. Land Surveyors are qualified professionals who use sophisticated instruments to make precise measurements to determine the boundaries of your property or a construction site. 

One of the most important services that a Land Surveyor in CT provides is determining important points and the boundary of a construction site. The elevation of different points of the construction site and its distance from locations, such as water sources or areas where construction is not permitted can affect the boundaries of your project. Knowing that kind of information is vital for both architects and engineers; without it, they cannot formulate the appropriate designs or plans. The input of land surveyors can help avoid costly and dangerous errors in road building and roadway design.

The Location of Roadways

Land Surveying in CT is a vital element in the process of designing and constructing a safe and cost-effective roadway. Land surveyors assist in finding the best locations for a road to be built. A land survey can help you plan a roadway design that avoids landscape features, which could prove an obstacle to construction, like areas where land sharply rises or falls. Land surveyors also help ensure that roads are not constructed in situations where they would be at risk to potential damage or dangerous conditions. One instance would be to not build a road near swamp ground, which could cause the road to cave in. They can also ensure that certain requirements and regulations are met when building a road in certain states and cities.

Road Design

When designing a road, many elements like how long and wide the road will be are taken into account, as well as what the road will be used for. The information land surveyors provide is necessary to help determine the best materials and construction techniques that should be used for that specific project. For example, if surveyors determine that a proposed roadway will have to pass through a region with steep rises and drops, their advice would be useful in determining whether the road should follow the contours of the land or whether cuttings or bridges should be included in the road design.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Land surveyors measure elevations and distances with great accuracy.

  • A land survey can help find the best location for a road.

  • Understanding the terrain is vital to good design and construction.

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