How are Drones Changing the Face of Construction?

Construction Drones of the Future:

3DR_Solo_Commercial_Application.jpgThe future is here and drones are already changing the way we do construction. Many construction sites across the country are utilizing drones to help with project management. They provide real-time data, 3-D scans, project support and much more! They can also provide images for documentation, and most importantly monitor safety and security.


Drones prove to be very cost effective- doing everything from daily progress-report photos, to collecting data for 3D modeling. The data can then be transferred, in real-time, to project managers. This reduces the time and money that goes into overseeing a construction site. It can also decrease the use of aerial photography, which can save on expensive aerial shots, as well as, getting results right away.

Drones can fly almost anywhere

3DR_Solo_Commercial_Application_2.jpgDrones have the ability to venture almost anywhere on the construction site. They keep track of projects and see things the human eye cannot. Drones help ensure clean construction sites, keep your materials safe and can see risks sooner, reducing the amount of work related injuries.

Project Accuracy

3DR_solo_mapping.pngDrones are being used all over the world by construction companies on the cutting edge of innovation, providing them with a competitive edge in the industry. Overall, drones can help with project safety, and improving accuracy on all types of project outcomes.

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