Why Should I Hire a Surveyor for Construction Layout?

Construction LayoutWhile working to complete a project in Connecticut, there are many tools available for a contractor to utilize. One of these “tools” that may often be overlooked is the hiring of a licensed land surveyor’s services. Perhaps one of the most important services that a surveyor provides is construction layout. Proper construction layout is vital to a project’s success.

A surveyor uses their skills and knowledge to interpret the plans provided by the engineer or architect. By doing so, the contractor can rely on the accuracy and reliability of the layout provided. This relationship acts as a crucial step in construction that influences whether a project finishes on time, within the budget, and error-free.

Construction Layout vs. As-Built Survey

Construction layout is needed for a variety of different projects including subdivisions, streets, utilities, and multi-story building sites. It can be described as the installation of survey points on the ground to act as a “road map” for constructing site improvements.

In many ways, construction layout can be considered the opposite of the as-built survey. Construction layout is performed at the beginning of the project to make sure that the project is built according to the design plans. In comparison, the as-built survey depicts site improvements after completion to confirm that it was built properly. Good construction layout will lead to a good as-built survey.

Potential Errors

To many, construction layout may seem like a simple task which they can easily perform on their own. What is often overlooked is that errors in stakeout can have dire consequences to the project. A construction site is like a puzzle; all of the pieces need to fit together to result in a successful completion. Placing structures in the wrong location can affect other structures in the area. In result, this could lead to a structure being replaced or redesigns of the construction plans.

Nevertheless, it is costing the contractor and owner time and money, two things that do not equate to a successful construction endeavor. The up-front cost for a licensed surveyor from Godfrey-Hoffman & Hodge to complete the layout is money and time wisely spent to make sure the project goes according to plan.

Key Takeaways:

• Construction layout by a licensed land surveyor is vital to a project’s success; it is a crucial step in construction that will influence whether a project finishes on time, within the budget, and error-free.

• On a construction site, there is little room for error: “A tenth can cost you ten thousand.”

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