Surveying & Civil Engineering for CT Homeowners

connecticut-surveyPlan Ahead

Investing time and money in professionals who are experts in surveying and civil engineering for Connecticut homeowners ensures that you will be protected with regard to the laws that govern how you can use your property and land assets. If and when you sell your property in the future, your buyers will also benefit from any land surveys that will provide answers to any legal questions that might arise concerning your property.

First Step: Land Survey

With a land survey, all measurements for property and structures within your property along with boundary lines will be determined accurately. The survey maps will outline the ownership boundaries in detail for you and for permanent government records,avoiding any ownership disputes or concerns. Surveys are used for multiple reasons ranging from new construction to determining legal boundaries for existing properties. The land surveyor must be an expert in not only mathematics and engineering skills, but also knowledgeable about the law in CT as it relates to survey data.

Second Step: Civil Engineering Design and Construction

ct-homeownersJust as the surveyor measures land and structures, civil engineers are employed to design and construct buildings and infra-structure as in roads, bridges, sewers and drainage structures to meet safety and local restriction codes that are applicable in Connecticut. Civil engineers use the survey data to help determine the placement of existing & proposed power lines, sewer pipes, decks, swimming pools, and septic tanks, along with size and location for the construction of a structure on the property.

Surveying and civil engineering for homeowners in CT work hand-in-hand to help property owners design and handle all aspects of the property to meet all easements, local and state regulations for every stage of the building project or any other development made on your property.

Key Takeaways

  • Planning ahead of time with an engineer or land surveyor can save you time and money now rather than having any problems down the line. For example, finding out you have put in a swimming pool that doesn’t meet your community’s codes and regulations, can cost you more money to fix later or remove it!
  • Accurate surveys help avoid disputes and problems when property owners wish to sell in the future.
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