How to Settle Property Disputes through Land Surveying

While most people strive to be good neighbors, disputes over property lines and land boundaries can turn even the most amicable relationships into bitter feuds.

Whether you are currently involved in a conflict over land ownership, or you are simply looking to prevent any future issues related to the location of your lot lines, a professional land surveying company can help.

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Career Opportunity in North Haven Office

Godfrey-Hoffman Associates, LLC & Hodge, LLC are small land surveying / civil engineering firms with our headquarters in North Haven, CT and a satellite office in Farmington CT. Since 1924 & 1925 respectively GHA & Hodge have provided Connecticut with superior service and integrity in the land surveying & civil engineering arena. We are reaching out to you our clients and colleagues to help us connect with the best in our fields. Below is a description of the career opportunity available at our firm in our North Haven office.  If you or you know of anyone who fits this opportunity, feel free to pass it along.

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Why is a Feasibility Study Important?

Feasibility-StudyFeasibility studies in the construction industry can be simply defined as the evaluation of the viability of a development project. It is used as a tool for analyzing if a proposed task can operate under a given set of assumptions, such as the technology used and the monetary aspects of the construction work.

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Emphasizing the Importance of Land Surveying

 Importance of Land SurveyingThe importance of land surveying can never be overly emphasized; it is a necessary step to be taken in every home renovation or project.  Having your land properly surveyed helps establish property boundaries, an important thing all homeowners should be aware of.

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How are Drones Changing the Face of Construction?

Construction Drones of the Future:

3DR_Solo_Commercial_Application.jpgThe future is here and drones are already changing the way we do construction. Many construction sites across the country are utilizing drones to help with project management. They provide real-time data, 3-D scans, project support and much more! They can also provide images for documentation, and most importantly monitor safety and security.

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Two Ways of Topographic Surveying fight it out in Alabama

In 1999, a leading thinker, inventor and futurist named Ray Kurzweil introduced “The Law of Accelerating Returns.” Detailed in his book “The Age of Spiritual Machines,” Kurzweil’s concept is that the rate of change in areas like technology increase exponentially, and that one year of actual time may introduce up to 200 years of change. With that theory in mind, we have to wonder just how quickly the technology is evolving in the surveying and mapping profession.

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