Adam Hoffman Featured in Westfair Online as Land Surveying Expert


For those who work in the land surveying or Civil Engineering business, it is common to hear of property boundary horror stories.  A boundary survey may be done wrong, or a topographical survey may contain an error.  These mistakes can lead to additional construction expenses, property line confusion, and even legal disputes.  This is why it is so important to do your research when it comes to land surveying companies.

Adam Hoffman

No one knows this more than Adam Hoffman, L.S., Principal/Director of Surveying at Godfrey-Hoffman Associates of North Haven.  A licensed land surveyor, Hoffman is also a member of the Connecticut Association of Land Surveyors, as well as the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. Hoffman has been in the land surveying industry for nearly thirty-five years, and has seen it all.  

Recently, Hoffman took time out of his busy schedule to speak with Ellen Malmon of Westfair Online about the importance of hiring a reputable land surveying company to avoid costly mistakes.  

In The News

In a recent article, Westfair Online discusses the disasters that can occur when land is not properly surveyed.  Malmon writes, “If you are developing your property, an inaccurate or incomplete survey can cause project delays and create costly and unwanted surprises.”

Hoffman was called upon as an expert on the subject, and in the article he agrees with Ms. Malmon’s sentiments.  He recalls an example where a land surveying company inaccurately surveyed the topography of a property.  This resulted in the driveway being built too steeply, causing unsightly construction corrections and much more time and money put into the project than was originally necessary.  

Hoffman says, “Since the house was already constructed, the owner had no choice but to install a serpentine driveway that took up a large and unsightly portion of the front yard.”

The Importance of Land Surveying

The bottom line?  Do your research when it comes to having your land surveyed.  In the end, it’s worth it to know exactly where property boundaries lie and whether or not your plans adhere to building regulations and local laws.  Ensuring that correct measurements are taken can save money and time, as well as the hassle of having to fix errors.

Ask friends and family for recommendations and check with your local Better Business Bureau for company suggestions.  Hire a company with insurance and experience, and don’t necessarily go with the cheapest option.  As Malmon points out, “A proper survey takes time and expertise.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Adam Hoffman, L.S., was recently featured in Westfair Online, an online business journal based in New York.
  • In the article, Hoffman discusses the importance of quality land surveying to construction and home projects.
  • When beginning construction or a home project, be sure to research land surveying companies to find a reputable service.

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