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Civil Engineering

Most people associate civil engineers with road and bridge construction; however, there are times when a homeowner or landholder will find they need civil engineering services in CT. In general, civil engineering involves the design, planning, assessment, construction, and oversight of projects involving man-made, and naturally-built environments. From land surveys to structural home inspections, this type of engineer provides an array of residential services.

Residential Civil Engineering Services in CT

From land surveys to determine property lines and flood insurance ratings to designing and inspecting new homes or renovated homes, those who do civil engineering offer the expertise to do a wide variety of tasks for residential clients.

Some of these services include:

  • Land surveying in CT, which determines the size and boundaries of a particular piece of property. This information is often needed for tax purposes, property disputes, and to determine where to build home on a piece of property.
  • Design and planning services for new home construction and renovations.
  • Planning the landscape layout and design. 
  • Surveys for septic tank layouts and installation.
  • Assessments to determine what permits are needed on a residential construction project.
  • Oversight and inspection of residential construction projects to ensure the meet the local building codes.
  • Surveying in CT to determine ratings for flood insurance.
  • Structural inspections of homes for insurance carriers and real estate transactions.
  • Completion of reports required for permitting.
  • Planning for su 


Skills Offered by Civil Engineers

Professionals who do civil engineering offer homeowners and landowners specialized knowledge and experience that ensures the quality residential services and the completion of accurate reports to local government agencies, insurance carriers, and construction companies. Additionally, their expertise and guidance makes sure the residential projects meet the local codes, so there are no surprises when the code inspector arrives. This will save the homeowner or landholder time and money on their construction projects. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Although most people associate civil engineering with the construction of roads and bridges, this branch of engineering provides a variety of services for homeowners or landowners.
  • Many civil engineering reports and services are needed for insurance purposes, real estate transactions, and to ensure the project meets municipal code requirements.

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