When Do I Need a Land Survey?

when you need a land survey

When people own a section of land, there is an agreement between the state and the individual regarding building structures or altering the land in any way. However, many people are unaware of the specifics and enter legal trouble when they eventually do decide to take on a project, such as building a pool or installing a fence. In order to complete any of these projects without the fear of costly errors, the property should first go through a land survey by an official.  

Installing Fences

When homeowners want to have a fence put in, having the land surveyed is necessary to determine the boundary of their property.  Without a proper boundary survey, the fence may encroach on a neighbor’s yard.  This can result in neighborly disputes, costly fence re-installation, and even legal issues.  By using a qualified land surveyor, homeowners can avoid these hassles.

Refinancing Your Home

Banks also require surveying if the owner of a residence chooses to refinance.  Property boundaries must be clearly defined to prove what the homeowner is actually entitled to.  Discrepancies between an owner’s assumed property boundaries and actual property lines can cause problems when trying to refinance.

Building a Driveway

There are many topographical concerns that come into play when building a driveway.  The driveway must adhere to certain gradient requirements so that it isn’t built too steeply; a driveway that is too steep can be dangerous for drivers and detrimental to the cars using it. By having a proper topographical survey completed, homeowners can avoid these problems. 

Finding qualified land surveying companies should be a top priority when taking on any property-based project.  Ask friends and family members for recommendations, or check the Internet for consumer reviews.  Always choose a company that is insured.

Key Takeaways:

Land surveying is useful when taking on the following projects:

  • Installing fences
  • Appeasing banks for refinancing services 
  • Determining property boundaries
  • Building driveways
  • Other property projects

Need Help?

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