What is a Professional Land Survey?

Property Boundary Surveys

How do you know where your land ends and your neighbor’s begins? How much of your land belongs to you, and how much is municipal property? Most of us don’t know the exact lines that define the boundaries of our property, and if we do, it’s because we’ve had a professional land survey done.

Land surveys have been in existence since the beginning of civilization, and are a crucial element of any construction project and real estate deal. A professional land survey can pinpoint to the exact eighth of an inch the property lines that surround a house or acreage. This is useful when building a house or determining property rights in the case of a legal dispute.

Types of Surveys

There are a few types of land surveys, from the standard boundary and typographic surveys, to more specialized ones in construction, subdivisions, accident surveys, and site plan surveys for building add-ons to residential properties.

Surveyors use markers called monuments to define the points of boundary when surveying. The monuments can be naturally occurring items, like a tree or large immovable rock, or they can be man-made, like a pipe or even a wooden stake in the ground.

What are Professional Land Surveyors?

Land surveyors are a highly educated group, using training and skills in math, geography, and an understanding of legal contracts to define the boundaries of homes, cities, and counties. Because of the high educational demand and specialized skill set, a professional land survey can have a high price tag. Other factors that affect the price include accessibility of the property, the time of year, if the survey has a sensitive time deadline, and even the shape and size of the property. A land surveyor won’t charge the same price for a survey of a fifty foot by fifty foot lot as they would for a thousand acre mountain lot. These and other factors place the average price for a land survey at over five hundred dollars.

A professional land survey is an important element of any property-related activity and is often a legal requirement for financing. Most legitimate land surveying companies are part of the local, or state level land surveyors association, so take the time to research surveyors and make sure you get the best value for your money and the most accurate survey possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • Professional land surveys establish the boundaries of properties
  • Types of land surveys vary, depending on the needs of the client and the industry
  • The cost of land surveys varies, depending on a number of factors, including physical topography
  • Research a land surveying company through the local association before making your decision

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