What is a Class A-2 Survey?

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Many home owners have been left baffled when they learn that they need to have a land survey done for their property before they can do any additions. There are different types of land surveying. Each survey serves a different purpose. Here we will look at the Class A-2 Survey which speaks specifically to boundary issues.

They are requested in cases where homeowners decide to make additions to their home or to put in new structural new features on their property. These include pools.

Why is it necessary to have a Boundary Survey Done?

Boundary surveys are useful if border conflict resolutions arise. They clear up confusions and uncertainties. At the end of a survey a property owner may even realize that he has gained added property he did not even know was his. Having land surveys also saves expenses that may result from a dispute after the land owner put up a perimeter fence, added an extension to his house or any other developmental undertaking. Overall, surveys give peace of mind.

Who Performs a Survey?

Surveys are done by a Licensed Surveyor (LS) who has the required knowledge and authority to act within the laws and legislations that govern boundary matters including land division and development. Surveyors can be found from various land surveying companies.

The Class a-2 Survey is also known as the:

  1. Property/Boundary Survey
  2. Limited Property/Boundary Survey

These surveys consist of survey areas that address particular areas as it relates to additions, establishing boundaries or perimeter fencing.

Property Survey

The purpose of the Property Survey include, but is not limited to ensuring that all the borders of the property are defined so additions do not encroach on the neighbor’s property. After contacts have been made with a land surveyor, he will visit the premises to carry out an investigation as it relates to the existing boundary markings. Measurements will have to be done to help the surveyor determine if the boundaries are located in the right place.

Perimeter Survey

A Perimeter survey is done for the purpose of documenting the location of boundaries, depicting and noting their position.

Types of Limited Property/Boundary Surveys

These surveys are done to locate exactly where the boundaries of a property are located. They are:

  • Existing Building Location Survey
  • Zoning Location Survey
  • Improvement Location Survey
  • Subdivision or Resubdivision Map
  • Easement Map
  • Boundary Stake-Out

Key Takeaways:

  • Use a certified land surveyor
  • Land surveys can save a lot of time and money
  • Surveys can help avoid disputes or settle them quickly
  • There are various sub-boundary surveys that are done when a Class a-2 Survey is done
  • The land owner could find he has more property than he originally thought

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