The Role of the DEEP and Your Property

Connecticut DEEP

When looking to develop your property, whether it be residential or commercial, the DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) plays an important role. The DEEP helps to insure that your property is not going to cause any damage to the local environment when starting new construction, or that if you are looking to change the boundary lines of your property, that it will not encroach on protected lands. This service is very important for both the property owners, insuring that they are not breaking any laws, and the environment alike.

How the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection helps protect against environmental damage.

Before beginning any new construction project, it is important to consult the DEEP to make sure that your new building project will not harm the local environment. One of the ways DEEP does this by checking nearby land to make sure that your project is not going to harm local plants and wildlife. They also check air pollution in the area to make sure that any air contaminants created by your project are not going to push the current levels beyond safety standards for the area.

How the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection protects at risk lands

If you are looking to have your property boundaries changed, the DEEP also plays a very important role. DEEP certified surveyors will check to make sure that any new boundaries created will not overlap with habitat needed by at risk plants or animals. They also make sure that your new boundaries will not put needed waterways or watersheds at risk for contamination. This is to protect not only the environment local to your property, but also nearby areas as well.

Before beginning any new project on your property, contacting the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is always a smart move. By taking advantage of the DEEP before beginning any new construction or surveying project you can make sure you are in compliance with the law, and help to protect the environment in several ways.

Key Takeaways 

– Making sure pollution levels don’t rise to unacceptable levels.

– Making sure local plant and wildlife habitats are protected.

– Making sure that the water supply remains clean and usable.

By taking these steps, you are to complete your construction project knowing that you have done your part to help keep the environment healthy for years to come! 


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