Laser & Drone Technologies

A shelter is one of the primary needs of mankind, and as it has evolved, the construction methodologies have also come a long way. One of the biggest hurdles in erecting any shelter, and a precursor for development to take place either from ground up or in terms of renovation / remodeling, has been to collect precise data. The accuracy of data collected, particularly dimensions help inform the engineers and the construction team to make the right decisions for the development to proceed.

With the advent of digitization of the construction site, the collection of data now is an expertise in its own. With laser technologies scanning the terrains, and the built environments with pin point precision, the development team can take home the construction. This automation of work space, and mobility of data is what makes the construction site a 21st century work place. Laser scanning has also made it possible to map entire cities and areas which are difficult to access.

In addition to laser scanning, another piece of arsenal the development team of the 21st century work place is armed with are drones. These flying machines can give the team a “God’s eye view” of the area in question by documenting from hundreds of feet above ground. These drones bring to the development team a view that would not have been possible in traditional practices, often identifying issues in areas, which are very time consuming and costly to access.

Today, whole neighborhoods and cities are mapped by combinations of these technologies not just once, but repeatedly to examine the data achieved. These numbers and information empowers the development team to make decisions that can give the extra edge, which they believe their clients deserve.

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