Land Surveying Myths and Misconceptions

Land Surveying in CT

Storm water runoff can dump many different pollutants into our streams and rivers. Because of this, many municipalities require land owners to install storm water management systems to reduce this runoff.

Land surveying can show where your land begins and ends helping you determine which steps to take to create your management policy. Unfortunately, not a lot of people appreciate land surveying. Some even think that land surveying is not important at all.

Here are some popular land survey myths

Myth 1: You do not need a survey if you can find survey stakes

Stakes from past surveys may not demark your property. They may be something else entirely. Only a licensed land surveyor can tell you where your property genuinely begins and ends.

Myth 2: Neighbors rarely encroach on property lines

Land disputes between neighbors are more common than you think. Hiring a land surveyor may save your friendships with your neighbors.

Myth 3: I can build my management system on my property without a survey

Since crossing properties lines is easy, you must take great care when building your storm water system. Build unwisely; your neighbor can force you to tear it down.

Myth 4: The fence has to be my property line

In the past, fences were often built using nearby trees saving the land owner time and money, and not always on the property line. The only way to know for sure is to have the land surveyed.

Myth 5: All land has already been surveyed

While your town mapped the area for tax purposes, those maps may not help you on the ground if you have no landmarks to work with.

Myth 6: I don’t need a second survey if the land was surveyed years ago 

Surveying is not precise. Multiple surveys can have multiple results. A new survey will give you much better results while confirming the accuracy of the first one.

Myth 7: Surveys are too expensive

Not having a survey when you really need one can cost you thousands. Is it worth the risk? Consider having your land surveyed an investment. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Survey stakes do not always demark your property

  • Land disputes over property lines are very common

  • Your fence is not always the property line

  • Old land surveys may not be accurate enough for you to use

  • Land surveys are investments for your property

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