What are the benefits of belonging to a professional organization?

The Connecticut Associates of Land Surveyors is professional organization “dedicated to

enhancing the development and professionalism of surveyors throughout Connecticut.” What

are some of the benefits of joining such an organization? And why is it important for surveyors

to do so?


One of the benefits of joining any professional organization, regardless of your profession, is

establishing legitimacy for yourself. If you work for yourself or a small company, you might not

have the same professional reputation one gets from working for a large, well-known company.

Another important aspect of professional membership is professional networking. “Networking”

is not the first word that comes to mind to people who prefer to spend their days in the field, and

leave the business side of the operation to others. However, it is important to recognize that

these connections are beneficial to everyone, whether you spend all day in the field, in the

office, or a bit of both. You never know when you might end up working in a unfamiliar town, and

find yourself having to call a local surveyor to ask about maps or the quirks of that particular

town. Making that connection beforehand will likely yield better results for both sides

A third facet of professional organization membership is education. Learning is of course

important for professionals new to the field, but it is also important for more established

surveyors to keep ahead of new technology, new trends, and new laws that might affect their

work. Recently, GHH surveyors have begun working on incorporating 3-D scanning and

drone mapping into everyday survey work. CALS provides peer to peer consulting, professional

development, and legislative updates to meet these goals. CALS newsletters also provide these

updates, while also providing advice and sharing what projects surveyors are working on across


CALS hosts membership meetings twice a year. These meetings feature a guest speaker on a

single topic, ranging from legislative updates to interpretations of state statutes, or any number

of topics. The CALS show in the fall provides opportunities for networking and education. These

include professional development seminars open to anyone working in this career field, a

vendor showcase, and educational seminars for students.

Professional organization membership is important to many career fields, not just surveying.

They provide an exciting opportunity to learn more about your career field, and get professional

advice. For a field that depends on technology as much as surveying, it is important to stay

ahead of current trends and to be able to incorporate new ideas and new technology into your