How Do Land Surveyors Establish Boundary Lines?


Most property owners know the rough whereabouts of the borders of their land, but in order to find logistics down to the inch, they need to enlist the services of land surveying companies.

Establishing Boundary Lines

When a land surveyor comes to your home, they’ll perform the following tasks:

  • Acquire initial survey from county municipalities. A survey is required for the original plotting of land and will have dimensions pulled from landmarks or stakes around your home, some of which still exist.
  • Use special equipment to pull exact dimensions from different points around the house. Map those points with spray paint or stakes.
  • Sign and file the survey and update it with county authorities and financial institutions.

Why Would I Need a Land Survey?

Land surveyors in CT are called into action when a person buys a new home or does refinancing on an existing property. Banks want to know the exact acreage of land they’re signing off for and insurance companies need to know how close property lies to cricks, streams, or other hazards.

Additionally, a person would need to acquire a survey if they plan to build on their property so that they know if there are wires or wells underground.

Land surveying companies are also noticeable on a lot of job sites, working with engineers and architects on plotting water mains, waste lines, and mapping initial property boundaries.

What Is A Professional Boundary Survey?

Land surveyors in CT have to establish boundary lines if a property owner were to make changes on closely approximated land. For instance, mistakenly erecting a fence on a neighbor’s property could lead to trespassing charges and the complete loss of your investment if a neighbor wants to destroy the fence. This can also lead to bad blood between neighbors, so a professional boundary survey should be acquired. A professional boundary survey lays out the exact perimeter of land and is documented and certified by a state accredited surveyor.

Whether you plan on building on your property or not, it’s important to know the exact specs of your land. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Professional land surveyors can determine the exact boundaries of your property.
  • Banks require documentation of boundary lines in order to refinance a home.
  • Before taking on a project, homeowners should know the specifications of their property lines to avoid encroachments.

Need Help?

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