Everybody wants one..but can you build a pool on your property?

Can You Build a Pool on Your Property?

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A pool is surely an eye-catcher and it can be a major entertainment and recreational spot on your property. It offers privacy, comfort, and convenience. If you want a pool on your property, everything boils down to basically having enough space for the pool and how much you are willing to spend for it. You must be warned, though, that if you are planning to resell your property in the future, having a pool does not necessarily increase its selling price since some buyers might be put off by safety and maintenance concerns.

Evaluate Your Space

Unless you own a sprawling estate where the only problem is choosing the perfect spot for your pool, you should seriously evaluate if you have enough space on your property. Consider talking with your local land surveying company for professional advice on whether or not you can proceed with your plan. Rectangular pools are a classic but they may occupy a bigger space. To save space, you can opt for kidney-shaped and free-form pools that are perfect for smaller areas.

Let the Professionals Handle It

Building a pool on your property is a very demanding task. It requires a lot of time, tremendous effort, and the knowledge to survey the land and operate construction equipment. To spare yourself from all the trouble, you can hire the services of an engineering firm.

Doing a land survey is crucial when building a pool because it assesses the stability of the pool’s foundation. Moreover, allowing professionals to handle the job gives you and assurance that it will be built well and finished on time.

During the planning stage, they can present you with several options on the size, design, and materials of the pool. You need to discuss with them your preferences so they can create a personalized plan that fits your needs and budget.

Set a Budget

The second most important thing that determines whether you can build a pool in your property is your budget. Installation costs, energy requirements, and taxes can definitely leave a hole in your pockets, so be sure that you are prepared for them. Consult your contractor and do some research about the most cost-effective building materials, filtration pumps, and heaters you can use.

Concrete is the most expensive pool construction material but it is also the most durable. As for the pumps, the most efficient is the variable-speed pumps which consume 80% less energy compared to single-speed pumps.

Key Takeaways:

  • The two main things to consider when building a pool are the size of the area and the budget.

  • Work with professionals who can perform land surveys and who can present you with different options for the pool’s size and design.

  • Be prepared to shell out considerable amounts of money for installation costs, energy requirements, and taxes.

  • Do your research on the most cost-effective options you have for the materials, filtration pumps, and heaters.