[New eBook] FEMA/LOMA, Elevation Certificates & FloodPlain Management

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Land Surveying: Fema/Loma Types and Floodplain Management

[New eBook] FEMA/LOMA, Elevation Certificates & FloodPlain Management

If you’re considering building a new house in Connecticut this year or even embarking on a major landscaping project this season, there are new federal and state laws and regulations you need to be familiar with. New federal legislation has changed how floodplain areas are defined as well as the permit requirements for building on such land.

Even existing homeowners can be affected. If your property is now designated as being in a special flood hazard area, it can affect how much you’ll pay for flood insurance and whether you can even get coverage.

What Homeowners Need to Know

If your property is determined to be in a flood plain, you need to obtain a special letter of assessment from the U.S. government that qualifies you to be able to purchase government-backed flood insurance…

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