Elevation Certificates and the Climate Data Initiative

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A Huffington Post article recently featured in the Connecticut Association of Land Surveyor’s (CALS) weekly newsletter captured the importance of a push for climate change preparedness in Washington called the climate data initiative. The initiative will make public useful and pertinant information in regards to climate change, compiling it at Climate.Data.gov.

The aim of the initiative is to make information regarding climate change more available to foster private-sector action on climate change preparedness.

According to the Obama Administration, “the climate change initiative will help create easy-to-use tools for regional planners, farmers, hospitals, and businesses across the country — and empower America’s communities to prepare themselves for the future.”

It can be said that the surveying profession has already experienced innovations that help with climate change preparedness. The need for Elevation Certificates has never been higher, as flood zone mapping is being changed to account for more frequent and powerful storms. GPS technology has allowed surveyors to more quickly produce elevation data and respond to a growing demand for information.

You can read the full article here.