The home of Hodge, LLC has been sold!

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Bill Grunewald, the former owner of Hodge Surveying Associates, has sold the home of Hodge Surveying, 1783 Farmington Avenue, to a local investor. Mr. Grunewald has been the owner of 1783 Farmington Avenue for the last 35 years. The property, located at the intersection of Route 167 and Route 4 in Unionville, has had an interesting and colorful past; law offices, owners of a former automobile dealership, car repair, and former site of a mouse trap factory! Situated on the banks of the Farmington River and Roaring Brook, “1783” has the potential to shine again. Mr. Grunewald updated the interior in the early 1980’s, but now it is in need of a complete makeover.  Hodge LLC welcomes our new landlord, John Sansone, and look forward to a long term relationship with him and the future 1783 Farmington Avenue.