Land Survey Data: Who Actually Owns It?

godfreylandsurveyIf you’ve ever had a land survey performed then you probably asked yourself, where does this data end up? The answer is the entire collection of data from a survey is owned by the client but is held on file by the surveyor. Survey data is the primary prerequisite for any construction or building project in Connecticut.

There are several methods for delivery and collection of survey data and the entire process is accomplished in a systematic way. This survey data can include a number of things such as horizontal and vertical distances, slope distances, angles, contours, and excavations.

Survey data is basically classified into three categories: the deliverable data, 
the data gathered during the course of time and the knowledge and experience gained during the course of time. 

Can a Surveyor Reuse Your Data?

The deliverable data is generally what a client looks forward to and can be included in a legalized contract. If the client requires only a map then detailed information and data don’t need to be provided. But if a client requires full information then the surveyor is bound to give him everything necessary. The surveyor can reuse the data if he is given proper authorities and permission. Before a contract is legally signed, all questions and remaining issues are settled between the surveyor and the client. The surveyor may also have to provide a sample before taking the task of surveying the property.

The Next Step

Various modes are used for collection and delivery of the survey data. The surveyor can do a paperwork study and supply the client with a hard copy of the data. Another option is the use of technology and different media. Mobile especially Smartphones can be used to collect data and deliver it to the client via the Internet.


Working Together

The client gets to use all the information provided and the surveyor cannot resell the information to another firm. In bigger projects several surveying firms may work together to produce one survey. In this process the data is collected from all the groups and then merged together in a uniformed and organized version. The final documents are delivered to the client without getting him involved in the chaos of the process.
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