Surveying & Civil Engineering for Municipal/Government Property in CT

government-engineeringCivil engineers work within the State of Connecticut to design and oversee various municipal and government construction projects. Civil engineers and land surveyors provide the plans that allow workers to effectively build roads, complete construction projects, construct airports and ensure that various structures such as tunnels and bridges are built correctly.

These professionals also work on water and sewage systems required for cities, towns and other localities. Mostly, you find a civil engineer or surveyor working in an office. However, sometimes work requires a view of the construction area or to monitor the construction process and prevent any problems on-site. Engineers and surveyors are commonly employed by the city to deal with complex road and drainage issues.

Evaluate Your Needs

When municipal and government agencies are hiring a civil engineer or land surveyor, you should have an idea of the type of work you need completed. The physical aspect of creating a structure requires the use of a surveyor to map out and measure the area designated for construction. The civil engineer then takes the information obtained and uses that information to design, build and create design plans for the intended structures. Civil engineers are trained in the basics of surveying, but they usually work with professional surveyors to get the job done. Both professions have different licensing requirements and educational qualifications.

Choosing the Right Company

Depending on the needs of your municipality, you may choose to hire a civil engineer that has specialty knowledge of using Low Impact Development in a way that complements buildings and structures in the natural environment. Alternatively, you may choose to hire a engineer with experience in creating the most efficient roadways or redirecting water through the use of dams, levees or other drainage structures. Professional surveying and civil engineering services provide services in the Connecticut area with the knowledge and experience to know what structures can withstand the elements and when additional reinforcement of a structure may be needed. For those thinking about a hiring a civil engineer or land surveyor, Godfrey-Hoffman & Hodge are one of the most experienced & reputable firms in the state.



Check with your intended engineering company to ensure that they won’t cut corners when it comes to safety and reliability. The overall design and layout play an important part in the integrity of any site improvements. The engineering company you hire should have a proven track record of producing consistently reliable, proper & safe designs as well as being cost efficient and environmentally sound. Even small projects should make use of a civil engineer or surveyor to ensure that all building and zoning, design criteria & codes are properly followed. Quality of materials also affects the overall value of the project. Building the structure right the first time and with high-quality materials ensures that you don’t have to make costly repairs prematurely.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hire a company with a proven track record of safety, quality, professionalism and dependability.
  • Use a professional surveyor or engineer for small and large projects. Small projects require the same attention to detail as larger projects.
  • Check the reputation of the company by calling references and checking reports with the Better Business Bureau.