Engineering for Sustainable Design in Connecticut

sustainable-designDue to the increase environmental awareness there is a growing demand for civil engineers who do site development plans that take into account sustainable design for both residential and commercial construction in Connecticut. Engineers who focus on sustainable design attend to how a structure will not only effect the environment around a site, but also the community around the structure once it is built.

The Elements of Engineering for Sustainable Design in Connecticut

When a civil engineer thinks of sustainable design when they are conducting a survey, he or she considers how the construction will affect the environment. Some the things an engineer will consider is how the placement of a structure on the site will affect the local ecosystem. A few of the questions an engineer might ask include the following:

  1. Where on the site can the building be placed so it has the least effect on local wildlife as well as native plants and trees?
  2. How can storm water be managed so it does not significantly run off to pollute nearby streams?
  3. Are they ways to reclaim areas on the site where there has been damage that affects the wildlife?

The answers to these questions will help the civil engineer decide where to place the structure so it has the least amount of environmental impact.

Sustainable Design Means Energy Efficiency

When a civil engineer is designing a site, he or she will also consider what the best placement is for the structure so that is uses the least amount of energy. The engineer might recommend that the structure is built to take advantage of trees for shade. Alternatively, they might recommend a placement that takes advantage of natural sunlight.

If you want to make sure your commercial or residential building in Connecticut has the least amount of impact on the environment, contact a civil engineer who does design for sustainable design.

Key Takeaways:

  • Just as people are becoming more aware of their effect on the environment, so are civil engineers and surveyors who specialize in sustainable design in Connecticut.
  • A civil engineer will take into consideration the impact the structure will have on the environment when making recommendations for site placement.
  • Sustainable design also means energy efficiency.