Veteran Affairs & Surveying: Assisting Those Who Served

This past Monday, we celebrated and honored the past and present members of our armed forces on Veterans Day. It is an enormous sacrifice to put your life on the line to protect your country and its citizens. 

Godfrey Hoffman Hodge LLC has been working with VA related projects over the years, and it has been an incredibly humbling and beneficial experience to help out these essential groups. 

Connecticut Fisher House

The Connecticut Fisher House is a vital sanctuary for Active Duty Service Members/Veterans and their families. This “home away from home” serves as a temporary living space while these Service Members are undergoing medical treatment. 

West Haven Veterans Hospital

Godfrey Hoffman Hodge LLC has assisted the West Haven Veterans Hospital throughout the years on numerous projects. This branch of the VA Connecticut Healthcare System provides inpatient care to active and veteran service members.

Services for Veteran facilities include:

  • Base mapping for site design
  • Construction stakeouts
  • As-built surveys

As a company, Godfrey Hoffman Hodge LLC is passionate about helping Veterans affairs. If you are looking for surveying & civil engineering services, contact us at

How Can You Reduce Land Degradation in Connecticut?

Man’s abusive behavior over the last 150 years has caused tremendous damage to the earth’s topsoil resulting in vast land degradation such as erosion, deforestation, waterlogging and a decline in soil fertility. Land degradation has become a critical global issue because of its harmful effects on agronomic productivity, the ecosystem, as well as its impact on food security along with the quality of everyday life. Continue reading “How Can You Reduce Land Degradation in Connecticut?”

the art of Geocaching

 Who would have thought that marrying technology with recreation would result in a game so adventurous and full of fun? The way finding technique maybe a new one, but the idea is as old as probably the advent man himself. Geocaching is an entertainment method that makes use of the accuracy of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the easy availability of devices which carry this system. With a basic smart phone or a positioning device, today anyone has access to global positioning accuracy up to ten meters.

Several websites, both paid and unpaid offer various geocaches all over the globe which people can log on to and choose. These have varying difficulties from beginners to expert players. Real time communication can happen between geocacher and people searching for geocaches via internet where they can share geographic coordinates, clues, pictures and other information.

Here are few Geocatching websites to visit:

Geocaches are often boxes buried into ground containing a notebook to log in when the geocache is discovered in addition to everyday objects to swap when seekers find it. This game can be played by friends, families and even solo adventurists. The primary website portal for geocaching is which as per July 2007 said it listed 422,892 active geocaches worldwide. This fun way of discovering and way finding is here to stay and only to get more popular.


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Surveyor Spotlight: Steve Strinie Radio

steve-1Ever wonder what Steve Strinie does in his spare time? Probably not, but you may have heard him on the radio without even knowing it!

Steve has long had a tradition of hosting a show Sunday evenings on WFCS Radio 107.7. He plays a wide array of artists, but generally classic rock and blues rock. His favorite group is “Moody Blues”, so you’ll be sure to hear a song or two from them on a regular basis.

record-336626_640True to the music of his era, every song is played from the “Vast Vinyl Library”.

You can view Steve’s playlists here.

Just Another Day On The Job

Working on a mountainside near Farmington, CT, our Hodge survey crew gets a nice view of the valley. In the foreground is our backsight prism, which we use as a point of reference for our total station. Just beyond it is an old stone chimney and the remains of a foundation for a home that has long since decayed. A goose had been nesting on the top of the chimney until moments before the photo was taken.

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Immediate Membership Action Required

It has been brought to the attention of CALS, by our lobbyist The Reynolds Group, that the Connecticut General Assembly Finance Committee, in SB 946, has proposed repealing the exemption from the state’s sales tax on Design Professions, including land surveying services. CALS believes this could have a significant negative impact on surveying and consumers in need of survey services. We, as a group, need to respond to this immediately. CALS is asking YOU to contact you legislators to prevent this legislation from passing.

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Spring Showers Bring Update to

Flooding post-hurricane Sandy.For those anticipating the rainy season of Connecticut, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has recently released an updated version of their website, as part of the reforms that took place last month.

Here, you can find a detailed explanation of the amends to the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Act, and how they will affect you in the years to come.