UK Shows Growth for Engineering Jobs

Engineering firms are faced with an absolute myriad of tasks on a regular basis. One day they may have a project requiring civil engineering design for a building restoration and the next they may need to run a veritable slew of surveys on a new spot for a public park. It stands to reason that the breadth of skills that an engineering firm represents would be a boon to any economy, here or abroad.

Currently, engineering firms in the United Kingdom are reporting that their respective companies are “upbeat” about new employment possibilities for engineers out of work. This, according to the Liverpool Daily Post, is due to the prime minister’s request for companies to “invest and grow.” The survey of engineering firms discussed in this article references how these businesses plan on achieving this goal:

“Some 76% of companies say their growth strategies will be achieved by increasing innovation in the UK and 69% by increasing capital investment. It is also highly export driven, with exports accounting for more than half of turnover in 40% of companies and one third having production facilities outside the UK.”

The article also talks about how important the British government can be in this process, and what must be done to accomplish the goals outlined by authorities and firms alike:

“The North West is the UK’s biggest manufacturing region with almost 15,000 companies employing about 350,000 people, and output worth £21.1bn out of a UK total of £155bn. However, the report warns that the Government must work with the sector to ensure its continued growth, or risk arresting its impressive progress.”

In the end, a story like this proves how essential engineers are all over the world. Without their skills and know-how, a lot of projects would never be completed correctly. That’s why people study to be engineers in the first place – to gain a different perspective on the world and the way that we build on top of it.