“the great green design” at Common ground school, new haven CT

Recently Godfrey-Hoffman was recognized for their plan for a “great green design” for the Common Ground School in New Haven, CT.

Read the testimonial regarding the design plan by Godfrey Hoffman Associates, LLC below:

 “Kudos to you my friend and fellow Paul Smith’s College alumnus, Adam Hoffman! I was recently attending a Pennsylvania Housing and Land Development Conference in State College, Pa and to my pleasant surprise the key note speaker Jennifer Orr (Chief, NPDES Construction & Erosion Control at Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection) was using a plan prepared by Godfrey Hoffman Associates, LLC as an example for …best management practices, (BMP) applications with Low Impact Development in areas with sensitive environmental conditions. The Common Ground School Project looks very intriguing! Quite often the Architects receive the lion’s share of the accolades while few are aware of the complexities involved in designing and permitting the site within which the building engages its setting. Well Done Godfrey Hoffman Associates, LLC!”

-Mark Saville, Vice President of Sweetland Engineering Co. in State College, PA

Read more about the enviromentally friendly school below: