Solar Orientation of Buildings

When it comes to construction activities, a certain measure of far sightedness is required to achieve efficiency for the development. People often argue about the added costs of architects, engineers, and other consultants for a project, but the benefits that these professionals bring in the long run is often over looked.

Engineers and consultants, bring with them expertise and experience, for better planning and ways of working, which benefit the client in terms of savings spread over the life of a building. A well-lit building through natural means cuts down on the lighting bill of the facility and improves productivity of the people inhabiting it as well. Solar orientation is determined by the experts in relation to the relevant sun patterns, as well as the wind forces. By doing so, heating and ventilation strategies can be devised by the consultants to save thousands of dollars, when the building is inhabited. For instance, in colder climates, the sun facing sides of the building are kept exposed the most, whereas solar barriers are designed in warmer climates.

Additionally, consultants and engineers employ various strategies, which counter forces to minimize the HVAC bills such as, insulation and shading devices. Sun rooms and roofs are designed in a way to make sure of maximum sunlight and the warmth on the sunny days of the years. A well designed building, also has the foresight for any repairs and maintenance work to be done with ease, with breaking into elements, just to find the connections. It is only logical, to take onboard consultants and engineers, for any development project, as a lot of future risks, extra costs, and hassles can be avoided.

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