Project Spotlight: #1040 State St., New Haven

If you have ever lived near or driven by 1040 State Street, you are sure to have recognized the old Star Supply building. For years, this site has been the subject of multiple discussions about urban development projects.

However, a project is now fully underway to turn the blighted industrial site into modern housing apartments, rendering all but the iconic entrance to the building unrecognizable.




Above, the State Street entrance to the Star Supply building. Below, the extent of the Star Supply site, most of which would be demolished.




Above, what’s left of the original building. Renovation of the old entrance will be a long, tedious process. Below, “Geopiers” are drilled and set into the ground with gravel and cement to a depth of 40ft or more to ensure the foundation of the building rests upon sturdy ground.


In total, there are some 1300 Geopiers required to be set, all of which must be located and flagged by our survey crew before they are drilled. This has involved numerous weeks at the site setting between 100 and 200 flags per day depending on the obstrutions of the day, such as the constant heavy construction traffic in and out of the site.



Godfrey-Hoffman engineer Jim Rotondo, P.E., has been involved with the project as the site engineer. Our survey team has also mapped the site and has been working extensively on the project since it first broke ground. Upon completion, the new buildings will offer 235 residential units in total.