Congress extends highway funding through July

The Senate joined the House and passed a two-month extension of highway funding by voice vote. The vote sends the stopgap highway bill to President Obama, who’s expected to sign it before the May 31 deadline. The House and the Senate agreed to back a two-month extension of highway policy after top Republicans fell short in their efforts to find the approximately $11 billion needed to push the highway deadline back until the end of 2015. By passing the simple two-month deal, lawmakers didn’t come up with any new monies for the Highway Trust Fund. The Transportation Department has said that, as long as highway policy was extended, the trust fund had enough money to last until the middle of this summer to take advantage of the construction, and surveying, field season.  Article courtesy of the NSPS (National Society of Professional Surveyors) website.

This is a link to the actual bill, click here.