Common Ways to Deal With Encroachments

Dealing with encroachment issues can be stressful for homeowners, but there are ways to handle these concerns that can provide a higher level of resolution than others. Additionally, there are legal remedies if the homeowners are not able to settle the issue themselves. Any homeowners who cannot solve encroachment issues to the satisfaction of all the parties involved should certainly seek legal advice. But fortunately, most boundary and encroachment disputes never have to come to that.

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What are Real Estate Deed Restrictions in Connecticut?

ct-deed-restrictionsThe term deed restriction might sound unfamiliar to anybody who hasn’t purchased residential or commercial property or land of their own. However, most people who already own property are probably aware of the term, deed restriction, from seeing it in their original property deed. A deed restriction is a critical part of a property deed that specifies the exact use of the land including special parameters.

In other words, these are the legal conditions attached to the land, which can place a limitation on the use of that property even though you’re the owner of it. Once you sign a property deed with the restriction embedded in it, you have to follow these terms precisely. If you don’t comply exactly with what was stated in your deed, you can face potential land disputes and legal consequences with your town, city, or neighbors.

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