LID: Low Impact Development in Connecticut


LID is an alternative process of land development aimed at minimizing the impact of urbanization in Connecticut’s natural habitats by replicating the original conditions found on the pre-development site. In fact, it is more of a strategic approach rather than a collection of related tactics. For the most part, LID serves as a superior alternative to traditional stormwater management, which can be both expensive and ineffective at keeping pollutants from being introduced into the environment.

Although LID is most popular in certain areas of the United States such as here in Connecticut, it is quite similar to other sustainable development practices found in Britain and other European countries.

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Surveying & Civil Engineering for Connecticut Commercial Builders

Managing commercial development projects are an intensive and time consuming endeavor that sucks the energy of those involved, especially in situations where planning was not properly done. Commercial builders & developers in Connecticut can ease their work load by seeking the services of professional surveying and civil engineering firms. An experienced firm can assist them right away, from the initial data collection stages, to planning, then design, local state & federal permitting and lastly, the construction process. Commercial builders can leverage on these firms technical expertise and experience in local zoning, planning and regulations- areas that are daunting to many.

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