Setbacks, Easements and Density Restrictions… Oh My

peri urban residential resized 600Getting control of a piece of land for development is a big first step. However, just because you have the land and you have a vision for the building you want to construct doesn’t mean that you can always put the two together. What you’re going to be able to build — and where you built it — will get determined by what comes up on your survey.

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The Importance of a Property Encroachment

Property EncroachmentsIf you’ve recently purchased a home or a piece of land, congratulations! However, don’t forget owning property in Connecticut can be a full time job within itself. There are a number of legal issues that the owner will have to deal with once they receive their deed agreement. Among those, property encroachment is a critical issue, which could potentially lead to a legal dispute between the neighbours or the city council.

In the case that you aren’t familiar, a property encroachment refers to the intrusion on another person’s property, intentional or unintentional, and can be a common issue among property owners. If you have an encroachment in your property deed, it might be necessary to talk to a professional engineering & surveying company to avoid any misunderstandings. For more information on this subject, check out the article “How to Settle Property Disputes through Land Surveying“.

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What is a Survey and why should I advise my clients to pay for one?

What is a survey and why should I advise my clients to pay for one?

When we leave the grocery store most of us check our receipt to make sure we got what we paid for. When we buy cars we make sure we get all the options we paid for. But, when many people purchase real estate, they feel comfortable knowing “about” where the property lines are and “about” how much land is involved. The purchase of real estate is perhaps the biggest investment most of us will make. Deciding to protect that investment with a boundary survey is one of the wisest decisions your client can make. The following paragraphs explain in detail the steps necessary for producing an accurate survey that conforms to state statutes.

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