GHA worked closely with the architectural firm of Fredricksen & Guido of North Haven on the design and permitting of this project. This project’s estimated cost was approximately $14 million dollars. The project owner was Steve Darley of Parnell Associates. GHA also worked closely with LaRosa Construction out of Meriden, Conn., on the construction side of the project.

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Customer/Company Background

After leaving the army in 1969, Steve Darley moved to New Haven, Connecticut to work as an attorney for the New Haven Redevelopment agency. He operated a real estate development company between 1972 and 2009, which specialized in developing affordable housing and completed over 1100 units. Steve also formed his own construction company in 1985 which specialized in residential construction. Darley retired from his development and construction business in 2009 after spending almost forty years as a real estate developer and contractor. Steve has been a client of Godfrey Hoffman & Associates for over 30 years.

The Work Provided

Godfrey-Hoffman Associates completed work for the 104 Unit, HUD Financed, elderly living facility, which is located on Sackett Point Road in North Haven, CT.

GHA’s work included

  • Complete boundary and topographic mapping
  • Coordination of the wetlands soil scientist
  • Construction stake-out
  • Site planning
  • Site engineering
  • Extensive local, state, and federal permitting

Project owner Steve Darley chose Godfrey-Hoffman specifically due to the professionalism they have experienced over the years. This project took over 4 years for approval. It went through intense scrutiny from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), Army Corp of Engineers, the Department of Transportation (DOT), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Town of North Haven’s Inland Wetlands, Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning & Zoning Commission.