Davenport Dunbar Facility

Godfrey-Hoffman Associates were major contributors in the design, permitting, and completion of the construction of a 110 space parking facility constructed for the residents of the Davenport Dunbar facility located in Hamden, Connecticut. This construction project was a complete team effort involving GHA, Empire Paving, and Millennium Real Estate Services.

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Customer/Company Background

Millennium Real Estate Services is a dedicated, professional realty management service. Located in Rocky Hill, CT, they specialize in apartments and senior facilities.

Challenges Business Was Facing

Davenport Dunbar Residences management staff saw a distinct need to provide a more convenient and larger parking option to their residents. Handicapped parking was limited and located in areas that were hard to access for those with different needs.

The Solution

The site improvements allow for a smoother flow of pedestrian traffic to and from all parking areas as well as an increase in the overall parking capacity of the site.

Frank Stellato of Millennium Real Estate Services acted as the project liaison between the property owner and the project team.

Godfrey-Hoffman Associates performed the following:

  • Prepared topographic site survey
  • Prepared the permit and construction documents
  • Performed the complete construction stakeout

Empire Paving performed the construction operation.

Godfrey-Hoffman is particularly proud of the innovative stormwater management plan implemented at the site. A potential side effect of the conversion of raw land to a paved parking lot is a reduction of the volume of water percolating through the soil to recharge the groundwater table.

The site was designed and graded to minimize the use of catch basins and pipes to convey runoff and to maximize the infiltration of the runoff. Infiltration of runoff allows for the recharge of the groundwater table.

The first step in the design of the stormwater management plan involved performing test pits and percolation tests. The results of the testing showed highly permeable soils.

This allows for the infiltration of stormwater runoff. Infiltration of runoff was accomplished through the use of two types of infiltration devices, a drywell and an infiltration trench.

Godfrey-Hoffman strives to implement the most environmentally sensitive deigns to all of our projects. Environmentalists at heart, implementing Low Impact Design (LID) is always second nature.