Civil Engineering In Connecticut

Consulting, designing, and planning are part of Godfrey-Hoffman & Hodge’s engineering services for the Connecticut area.

Many of these are civil engineering projects in central and southern Connecticut that range from the governmental to the homeowner level. Using skills from geometry, trigonometry, engineering, mathematics, and physics, the staff at Godfrey-Hoffman & Hodge completes its engineering projects in ct, transforming an unbuildable property into one that meets codes and is acceptable.

Civil engineering, the field in which Godfrey-Hoffman & Hodge operates, focuses on the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally-built environments. Common projects needing a physical engineer include bridges, roads, canals, dams, and buildings. Civil engineering is divided into subfields, such as environmental, geotechnical, structure, water resources, coastal, and construction engineering. Many of Godfrey-Hoffman & Hodge’s Connecticut engineering projects, such as septic system designs and construction permitting, fall within these subfields.

Civil engineering projects are designed on small and large levels.

For the latter, Godfrey-Hoffman & Hodge has given presentations for engineering projects to the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. On a smaller level, a local Connecticut engineering project will be commercial or residential planning and permitting. As civil engineering involves the interface of human-designed projects with the natural world, developing plans for grading, draining, pavement, water supply, sewer service, electric and communications supply, and land divisions services is common.

Godfrey-Hoffman & Hodge does consulting, designing, and planning with the latest construction methods for Connecticut civil engineering projects. Many of these projects include designing septic and storm water management systems, roadway and subdivision designs, commercial and residential site planning, construction permitting and management, feasibility studies, and planning and zoning board presentations.

Experience In Presentations To The Following Regulatory Agencies:

  • Local Planning and Zoning Commissions
  • Local Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Local Inland Wetlands Commissions
  • Local Engineering Departments
  • Local & State Health Departments
  • State of CT Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
  • State of CT Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • The United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Federal Aeronautics Association (FAA)
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)